Importance of a Daily Routine

Why should your elderly loved one have their day planned out? A daily routine is essential for everyone for a healthy lifestyle, but it is particularly important for elderly. A daily routine encompasses eating and sleeping habits, along with a series of activities which improve physical and cognitive capabilities.

As your elderly loved ones go on with their daily lives, it can become more unstructured over time. It is imperative that they have a specific routine to gain a number of health benefits:

Reduced anxiety and stress

Elders may often be disoriented due to deteriorating muscular functions, or loss of cognitive functions such as memory. Inevitably, these impairments can lead to constant anxiety and high stress, which is more harmful to their health.

Elders also become dependent on others with time, and if their lifestyle is adjusted too much according to other people’s lives and not their own, then the lack of control can become depressing.

A routine establishes structure into their lives. The same cycle of activities every day makes their lives predictable, and helps them feel like they are in control. Additionally, a well-founded routine also includes activities that gently invigorate mental and physical abilities.


Improved sleep

Medical studies have found that elders, especially those impaired with cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, receive better sleep if they have a daily routine.

Improved sleeping pattern results from reduced stress. The positivity of a routine is a way of relaxing the brain and inducing quality sleep without the need for drugs.


Induced sense of safety  

A routine provides direction—the mind and body adapts to the daily activities. This diminishes the “fear of the unknown” often experienced by elderly.

Although seniors with cognitive impairments may not be completely aware of it, the stability of a routine does let them predict what to expect in their day-to-day schedule. This fosters a general sense of security.


Caregivers and daily routine planning

Although there no hard and fast rules to creating a daily routine, a general structure is still crucial to build a healthier lifestyle for them.

It is okay if you, as a family member, are unable to formulate a daily routine for them. Senior home care services can provide a stable routine every day in the comfort of their own home.

Let HopeBridge help. We offer in-home care support services throughout Yakima. Our qualified ​caregivers will plan out a daily routine for your elders, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care.