Hospice Support

What Hospice does:

Round the clock nursing support for medical emergencies. Home visits for emergencies and routine visits to assess condition

Filling prescriptions and if needed, delivering and setting up medications used for comfort or to treat hospice-qualifying illness

Social work support for finding needed resources, filling essential paperwork, and emotional support

Chaplain services for emotional/spiritual support

Arranging for medical equipment to be delivered

Bath aids 1-3 times a week for 1-1.5 hours

12 month follow-up with bereavement for families

What HopeBridge does:

Round-the-clock nursing aids available to alert hospice to changes in condition

Assistance in monitoring, reminding or administering medications. Picking up medications, especially those not covered by hospice

Care staff to assist with cooking, cleaning, laundry and housekeeping

Daily emotional support and companionship

Coordinating with hospice on changes in condition and modifying plan of care as needed

Assist with daily transfers, toileting and mobility

Flexible, compassionate and trained staff when you need them