Who We Are

We are a local, family-owned and operated home health agency dedicated to providing the best home care experience every time.

Making decisions about in-home care for a loved one is a complicated yet vitally important process. With multiple issues to consider in a season of life that can often be overwhelming, we want to help you make your decision with as much information as possible and without any sense of pressure or obligation.

Full-Service Home Health Agency

As a full-service home health agency, we are able to provide the full range of nursing services. We are able to provide everything from simple companion care to complex wound care; from meal prep to hospitalization recovery; each duty we fulfill is equally important and all done with compassion and expertise.​

HopeBridge Home Health offers services that will support your loved one by helping them maintain their physical safety and emotional wellness, while addressing the importance of living environment and keeping families connected. We understand the decisions being made are complex and emotional, with families often taking sides. This is where HopeBridge can help. Our trained nursing and social work staff can navigate the troubled water and get you and your loved one to a safe harbor.

We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation as professionals who are ethical, organized, collaborative and excellent clinicians. Because we have worked in the communities of Yakima and Ellensburg, physicians, hospital and nursing home staff know us and trust us. We hope to earn your trust as well.

Strong Values

Our team and business is built upon four main values: competency, integrity, heart and adaptability. With knowledge, honesty, flexibility and true caring, we stand by our values at HopeBridge.

Our Mission

In its basic form, HopeBridge provides health care services in the homes of our clients. But more importantly, we are in the business of keeping clients happy and well in the comfort of their own homes.

Making decisions about in-home care for a loved one is complicated, complex and emotional. With multiple issues to consider in a season of life that can often be overwhelming, it is our job to help make decisions easier with as much information as possible and with compassion and understanding toward our clients and their families.

We are passionately committed to life-long learning and growth, for ourselves as well as our clients. We love to teach and share what we know to make your life better, today and tomorrow!

The HopeBridge Difference

Medical vs Non-Medical Care

All home care companies, medical or non-medical, have a state license to operate and are expected to meet minimal legal established standards. That does not mean that all home care agencies are the same.

Many home care organizations are "non-medical care." This means they are not required to have any licensed nurses on staff, and cannot provide for a client if they become more ill, or have changes in their medical condition. If needed, these agencies would have to bring on a second agency to do the medical care required in any given situation. In most of these agencies, care is overseen by a more experienced caregiver with no medical background.

HopeBridge is licensed as a medical homecare agency. This allows us to hire nurses and social workers so that both medical and non-medical needs can be taken care of without having to transition care. This also means that we are capable of accepting clients that non-medical agencies would call "too complex."​​

Skilled and Experienced Caregiving Staff

We take care of our clients very personally, so we start with higher standards than other agencies. We require either a certified or registered nursing assistant to have professional caregiving experience, First aid and CPR training, to have demonstrated responsibility and have at least two positive reference checks. Each candidate is background checked not only in Washington state, but in any other state they have worked.

Our employee orientation meets the standard for nurses who work in hospital settings. Our caregivers also complete ongoing training to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. Employee credentials are monitored and kept current, and specialized training is offered to caregivers working in unique circumstances or with disease processes.

At HopeBridge, each client assessment and care plan is done by a nurse or social worker and each plan is evaluated and signed off by our Director of Nursing Services. Consultation with our on-call Registered Nurse is available 24 hours a day.