Skilled Nursing at Home

Home health care is a broad term encompassing both non-medical Home Care and medical Skilled Nursing Care.

Because HopeBridge Home Health can provide both medical and non-medical care, we can there to help at all stages.

Skilled Nursing Care in Yakima, WA

The purpose of in-home nursing care is to maintain a loved one's familiarity, comfort, safety, dignity, sense of independence and often financial savings as they age. Loved ones often wish to stay in their own home and often can, with some support.

What if medical care is needed?

Home health nurses are there when medical care is needed. There are some caregiving tasks that are simple and predictable that family may choose to do for their loved one. Some tasks can be performed safely by family members who have been trained and are comfortable undertaking the task with instruction from the doctor or nurse. But other tasks, like replacing catheters, complicated wound dressings, or a task that requires professional judgment, are best handled by medical professionals.

When a task is both complicated and requires professional judgment, and/or the client has difficulty with mobility, home health nursing is often the best option. Home health can also be appropriate when there is no family available or no one desiring to do the tasks for the client who cannot do the tasks for themselves.

HopeBridge has experienced, skilled nurses who are able to help with those tasks in the convenience of your own home. We also have a staff of RN-supervised nursing assistants to support our clients in their homes. From the comfort of companionship, to transportation to activities and medical visits, to nutrition and medicine distribution and all the way up to highly-skilled nursing needs dealing with heart disease and dementia, we have a large, caring, well-trained staff to help. And if the time comes for hospice care, we can be there to help your family through that difficult process.

What kind of care do you need?

It is common that families don't know exactly what kind of care their loved one needs, but most needs can be met by a well-trained caregiving TEAM.

Each team is led by an experienced nurse or social worker, who helps identify what needs must be met, and sets out the plan to meet them. Families are encouraged to participate in the care-planning process.

At HopeBridge, the initial in-home assessment is performed by experienced geriatric care managers who carefully listen and evaluate what services best match your loved ones needs.

When the caregiver shows up at the home, everything is in place. The caregiver is licensed, has been screened for competency, experience, trained in communication skills, and has had the care plan reviewed prior to arriving.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our warm and caring approach to providing home care services, as delivered by our highly-skilled team of caregivers. ​​

Our Caregivers

HopeBridge is very intentional and careful in its hiring and training process, so we can provide the highest quality staffing. Every caregiver we hire goes through a rigorous screening process, far above the state requirements. Each caregiver has 24-hour access to on-call nurses to provide guidance and help while providing care. We also require that all our staff have a minimum of one year caregiving experience and multiple work reference checks.

HopeBridge staff, beyond being well trained and qualified, enjoy their work and love to provide care. Our caregiver turnover rate is extremely low, as we provide a supportive environment, a living wage, benefits, and meaningful work.
​We hold our staff in high regard and reserve the right to refuse care if the staff is being subjected to abuse or put at risk.

Many older adults prefer to stay at home instead of moving into a long-term care facility. As leading home care services providers, it is our job to make sure that it is indeed the best choice for them. We help seniors maintain their independence within the comfort and confines of their safe spaces, i.e. their homes.