Home Monitoring

How to use grandCARE?

Nothing, not even the most advanced technology on earth, can fully replace a trained, caring person in your house to care for a loved one. But, grandCARE is a tool that can help be there when someone can't be. Life is busy and complicated, so having another tool to help you can save you time and money. But perhaps the best part is having a tool that can help you stay connected to those you love.

Who can use grandCARE?

Because grandCARE is so customizable, it can be a great fit for nearly all situations. From the basic check-in and connection features to advanced medical monitoring, HopeBridge Home Health can help you determine just the right amount of features to ensure quality, safety and peace of mind. Combining the grandCARE system with HopeBridge's monitoring, home care and skilled nursing services, you can be sure that your loved one's needs are being met on all levels of care.

Basic Features

The basic features of grandCARE include the easy-to-use touchscreen monitor that only needs an internet connection to work. The touchscreen features include a calendar, music, video and message chats, and programmable icons for check-ins and reminders.

Additional Features

The number of Add-On features and connectable devices is vast and can be overwhelming. HopeBridge can help determine the additional features recommended for your personal situation. Whether it is health monitoring for illness or disease, or safety concerns with falls, self-neglect or wandering, the right features can preserve independence and add peace of mind to everyone involved.

Additional monitoring features can include:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Pressure pads
  • Motion detectors
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Weight sensors
  • Temperature monitors
  • and more.

Monitoring Options

HopeBridge offers three options for monitoring:

1. Family Monitoring:

This option is best for families and loved ones that live nearby. Any alerts and check-ins will go directly to selected loved ones. A monthly report from HopeBridge is provided to family members.

2. HopeBridge Monitoring:

This option is perfect for families that need a little extra support and security. Any alerts and check-ins will go directly to our nursing and caregiving staff. Twenty-four hour monitoring and emergency calls can be answered and dealt with immediately. Continuous communication with family is offered through weekly or monthly reports on activity and concerns.

3. Caregiver Connect:

This all-inclusive option goes beyond monitoring and reporting. With Caregiver Connect, the user, with a push of a button, can schedule transportation, caregiving services, housekeeping, and even nursing visits. Video-chats are available with our nursing staff for health concerns. HopeBridge will monitor health status, safety concerns and activity, and report to loved ones daily, weekly or monthly, as requested.


Pricing will depend on the monitoring options and add-on features needed/requested. Please contact us today to learn how grandCARE and HopeBridge can work for you!